El Presidente lied when they said "If it (link to OP420, a/k/a OP) was incorrectly removed despite being in compliance with the rules (See last paragraph), I'm sure our admin team can rectifythat" and it was "passed up the chain" since no one from the admin team rectified it or even viewed the thread and instead El Presidente "Thanked" the "useful" rubbish posts from the same useless moderator/backseat admin that removed 420 which contained illogical backseat admin's irrelevant ramblings instead of liking the actual useful posts with mpg187 logical facts.

The backseat admin replied nonsense saying they have to choose between the community and mpg187. However, 420 is all about community, when you celebrate at 4:20 you can know that there are other 420 brothers and sisters who are celebrating with you. 420 is the community and the community is 420, it's not just mpg187 who supports 420, I'm sure had the thread been posted for public discussion, mpg187 posts would have likes from the community and the backseat admin's would only have likes from the boot licker mods. But they cower out and only reply ,instead of delete, when mpg187 post in the private chat w/ bootlickers section. Notice the text that says "This is a forum where you can open dialogs with the Moderators and Admin should you have a question, concern..no other members except mod/admin can see your threads."

The backseat admin responds to logic in favour of 420 with non sense and false statements saying "we just want everyone happy" when prohibition is not everybody happy, quite the opposite. In prohibition connoisseurs and medical patients are hurt by rules which exist for no valid reason (before I found the truth I thought there were health reasons, but what about Alcohol and Tobacco?, see full thread below) that hurt them, not happy. Non patients and non connoisseurs are not affected, even if they are happy, not everybody's happy. With 420, non connoisseurs are not affected and they and connoisseurs are happy. 420 is everybody happy, what the backseat admin claims to want. It's hypocritical to remove a post that says "Happy 420" and say you want people to be happy, the word happy is even in the phrase "Happy 420".

As backseat admin's and bootlicker's failed to bring the issue to attention to someone mpg187 could explain the facts to, mpg187 tried to come into contact with someone useful himself. He submitted a form and got an email from a non backseat admin who agreed with with mpg187's logic, admitting mpg187 is right and the backseat admin was wrong considering how things worse than 420, like violence (see the backseat admin's grusome avatar) and porn are promoted despite them breaking valid rules. However, as if the universe is telling MPG187 he is not meant to exist it dulled the mind of the admin and instead of letting the boot licker's and backseat admin learn from the facts the corrupt admin did nothing because he didn't want to reverse his bootlicker backseat admin's decision to feel like he was wrong. Who's the one in charge? Does the dog wag the tail or the tail wag the dog? If that's the case then the backseat admin and corrupt admin should restore the link to OP, unban mpg187, and let mpg187 say "Happy 420" so everybody's happy!!! If that would have happened there would have been no need to repeat the facts and "rehash" the conversation from the PM. Then the backseat admin and mods could be right. Part of always being right is realizing when you are wrong when it happens and learning from it. Not being like AF staff thinking they are God because they are mods. I'm a mod at OP420 where the staff doesn't act like they think they are God. Mods are there to help improve the site for the good of everyone so everyone is happy (expecially on 420) instead of going around thinking the are better than everyone else but being the opposite.

420 is not the problem, prohibiton, based on lies is. And who put Wikipedia in charge of what 420 means?

Click/open here to see the full thread with mpg187's logical facts and the false statements/likes from the bootlickers and backseat admin.

Before MPG187 posted links to OP on AF, he read the rules regarding outgoing links. The rules said that they are fine as long as they are not to competing sites (example Re*dit). Despite being in compliance with the rules on links(OP with only 1-2 members is hardly compeition), the backseat admin removed the links from MPG187's siggie and introduction thread all the while competition Re*dit, actually against the rules, despite containing NSFW cotent (and I am not talking about a plant, which they have too) doesn't seem to be affected. So why should OP420 which doesn't contain NSFW content and is in compliance with the rules? Why are links to Re*dit allowed when they have content such as that found at re*dit.com/r/p*rn? Because of AFs lies

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